Re: [stella] HMBL 2600 Programmer

Subject: Re: [stella] HMBL 2600 Programmer
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 14 Oct 2002 18:44:24 -0000
> Hi Kirk!

Hi Manuel! Thanks for taking the time to 
go in depth a bit!

> "Branch 
> >> out of reach" error.
> >As far as I can tell , no such error:

> Ok, you're already running into the more esoteric 
> (hardcore? :-)) problems here.

Oy, lucky me... and I was hoping to keep everything wikkid simple.
> Try this:
> - Add another tag to your commandline: 
>   -llist.txt
> Carefully watch this one: DoneCheckingHitCeilingP0
> You'll notice that once both target and destination of 
> this conditional jump reside in the same page and once a 
> page is crossed. This is most likely ruining your 
> timings and you should try to avoid that.

Dangnabbit. So the page boundary is from f0ff to f100,
Man, that's brutal.

> A tip here: This stuff gets way more *stable* and 
> predictable, when you start your display kernel at the 
> beginning of the cartridge, so the kernel doesn't move 
> anymore. Now when you add/remove anything it is 
> happening _after_ the kernel.

Who says my kernel is all that stable? ;-)
I still have to add in the ball movement, and then 
eventually the score display and what not.

Would you suggest using branch statements then, like 
to jump to the initialization stuff, and then back?

> Take a look at Gunfight or Star Fire or any stuff from 
> Thomas, it's all starting with the main kernel.

Yeah, I should get a little better at reading other people's 
code. The trouble is I assume everyone's so much more clever
than me that I get intimidated...
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        --Book of Om, Chap. IV v.6b  ("Small Gods",Terry Pratchett)

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