Re: [stella] I need your help for Climber5

Subject: Re: [stella] I need your help for Climber5
From: Manuel Polik <cybergoth@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 16 Oct 2002 09:53:29 +0200
Hi Dennis!

>Here are my issues:
>1) Z26 is reporting that I am producing too many scan 
lines. Testing for NTSC I am producing ~274 lines. I 
have set the timers appropriately but it seems that I am 
spending too much time in VBLANK. Is the timer affected 
by WSYNCs?

Actually, VBLANK + VSYNC + OVerscan ~ 70 lines, so that 
is fine. The weird formula on the bottom of your kernel 
might be the problem:

   ldx tvType
   lda KernelScanlines,x
   sbc #[[4+GRPHEIGHT]*NUMGRP]+1

Whatever you think it does, maybe it does different... 

Maybe if you'd replace that with:

   ldy tvType
   ldx RestScanlines,y


At least it saves 2 bytes :-)

>and THE BIG ONE...
>3) My horizontal movement is not smooth on the real 
console. When I run this in Z26 the motion is smooth and 
just like I want it. On the real console I'm getting 
jittery motion from the obstacles and the main player 
jumps back and forth horizontally. I'm using the same 
routine from Oystron and SCSIcide. To set RESPx I have 
to start the decrement at cycle number 13 to make the 
coarse positioning come out right. It works for these 
but not for me :( I'm positioning my main player during 
VBLANK and the obstacles are positioned in the kernel.

Hm... at one point you're doing

   sta WSYNC                     ; end the current scan 
   sta VBLANK                    ; end the VBLANK period
   sta HMOVE

Maybe swapping HMOVE & VBLANK will help?


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