Re: [stella] BLINT: Branch, Conditional Lint

Subject: Re: [stella] BLINT: Branch, Conditional Lint
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 17 Oct 2002 14:53:58 -0000
> That's a great tool!

Thanks! I knew if I trolled hard enough for compliments I could
get a few ;-)

Here's an idea: would it be worthwhile to make a webpage 
based on the same core code, where you could cut and paste
or upload a list file? Eh, probably not as useful as an .exe

I'm still open for ideas for other kinds of scans I can do ...
once Manuel opened by eyes to the DASM -l option,  well, it's
*a lot* easier to analyze than the raw .asm!

I don't quite understand what your Macro below does or how 
it works.  Is it a "DASM" Macro, or something in your text
editor? Actually, a tutorial on that kind of Macros in general
might be good for the community...I know you've gained some
converts for your sleep Macro. I don't know where to look for 
documentation, if there's anything better than prowling through
the stella archives...

> Maybe somebody is still interested in the macro I'm using for
> checking page misses.
>     IF >. != >{1}
>       ECHO ""
>       ECHO "ERROR: different pages! (", {1}, ",", ., ")"
>       ECHO ""
>       ERR
>     ENDIF
>   ENDM
> It can be used a bit more generally, e.g. I'm using it to check, if a
> table crosses a page boudary. I think it's not 100% perfect, but it does
> the job for me.
> Two short examples:
> wait:
>   dey
>   bpl wait
>   CHECKPAGE wait
>   sta RESP0
> Tbl:
>   .byte %10010101
>   ...
>   .byte %11110000

"Obscenity, by itself, is the last refuge of the vulgarian 
 and the crutch of the inarticulate motherf**ker." --Lawrence Paros

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