Re: [stella] Yet Another Final Version...

Subject: Re: [stella] Yet Another Final Version...
From: Christopher Tumber <christophertumber@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 22 Oct 2002 11:22:36 -0400
Thomas wrote:

>Don't hurry please, take your time to make this game as perfect as

I don't have a lot of choice I'm afraid,  I have that release party for Nov 5 and carts need to be manufactured and delivered to me in time...

>1. The players shoots are a bit to slow

Umm, maybe, but the arcade game has a lot more vertical height. So I expect that the time it takes from when shot leaves the ship to when it contacts the "ceiling" is about the same. Anyway, the only thing to do would be to increase the rate of rise from 2 scanlines per frame to 3 per frame which I think would tilt it the other way...

>2. The original invader move row by row and not all together

Yeah, nothing I can really do about this. Each vertical position uses a unique drawing routine (which is copied to RAM and the RESP0/RESP1 is switched on and off). There isn't enpugh RAM to give each row their own routine so they have to share. And the routines are really tight so there's not really any way to make them shiftable (or there'd just be one routine in the first place...)

>3. The invader shots should go down to the bottom line (sometimes I feel
>like being hit when I shouldn't)

Yeh, this is an issue I decided to live with a while ago for reasons I no longer remember. But, I just realised how I could fix it so I have.... I have to post another revised version anyway since that last one had my infite lives debug hack still enabled. And that version did exhibit roll in very rare, specific instances (one Instigator left and a congruence of cpu intensive routines).


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