[stella] About the FAQ

Subject: [stella] About the FAQ
From: Mark Graybill <saundby@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 26 Oct 2002 00:47:08 -0700
Another week, another update.

Added some actual coding things this week. I'm convinced that by doing
cut and
pastes from messages as they go through I can cover all the material
a year ;)

Actually, I've actually written a little. But in many cases I find that
I can't
improve on what others have written so rather than try I just include
it. I've
tried to include corrections from later messages into the text of
postings where they were given.

I'll also be going back into the archives for some answers and snippets
than waiting for them to come around on the mailing list. Between the
death of
my own Atari2600 development system and the death of the programmer that
the only one on hand that could dump code to the fancy new MPUs I
bought, I didn't
have much time for writing my own code this week, I'm afraid.

I also apologise if the formatting sucks eggs on the FAQ. The sudden
death of one
PeeCee and the need to resurrect another from the grave on an emergency
basis means
that when I cut and pasted the text from Wordpad into the mailer it may
have preserved some of the formatting I had in there (there were places
distinctly remember putting in hard carriage returns that it appeared to
doing a soft word wrap in the mailer.) If no more machines die in the
week I should have a chance to shove it over to the Unix box next week
where I
can run some scripts to format it properly. I can even put in CR-LFs the
that the PeeCees like it.

Any comments or suggestions are welcome, especially corrections to
errors or additions to the code included.

Oh, there's one more thing. It was pointed out to me that Mostek <> MOS
I forgot to correct that in the text that went out, I'll correct it in
the original
text now so that I don't forget it again...there, it's corrected in my

That's even easier to confuse than the fact that CMD <> Commodore

-Mark G.
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