Re: [stella] PCB Pinout

Subject: Re: [stella] PCB Pinout
From: "Chris Larkin" <clarkin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2002 01:05:53 -0800
Thanks Paul!

OK, so Bob used a 27C256 chip, which has a seperate /OE pin and Vpp pin.  He
placed /OE straight to GND and inverted /CE.  And that answers my
question.... I can wire /OE on my EEPROM straight to GND and forget about
it... and the mystery connection in the PCB cart has been solved...


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Subject: Re: [stella] PCB Pinout

> >Has anyone made a 2732 cartridge? How did you wire it?
> Try here:
> -paul
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