[stella] Star Fire: Meteor Dance 2!

Subject: [stella] Star Fire: Meteor Dance 2!
From: Manuel Polik <cybergoth@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2002 20:24:52 +0100
Hi Dennis!

> By the look of your progress I know what to ask for 
> this Christmas :) Keep up the good work.

Thanks! I hope to have it ready for X-Mas.
> Thomas' idea of hiding the diamonds adds a nice touch 
> to the sequence. 

I just finished doing it this way. No you must first 
shoot a meteor in order to turn it into a diamond, then 
you must keep it centered on the crosshair until it's 

In the current version you'll already see how your 
shield get's refilled and you get points for every 
diamond collected.

It'd be nice to have some feedback wether this is good 
playable, but keep in mind that this is just intended to 
be a neat bonus scene gimmick, not a game on its own. 

> How are you planning on ending it? Maybe like a 
> hyperspace type of movement all of a sudden or the 
> meteors just disappearing?

Hm... I'm not sure yet. At present I'd like to just skip 
back to the transition screen, after either a timer is 
expired or after a certain # of meteors has crossed the 

I'm not sure yet which is the better way. Probably a 
timer is not as good as a meteor counter, since in 
higher stages you've probably no chance to collect 
anything at all during only a few seconds :-)

And I don't no wether I'll add some warping sequence. I 
think I rather don't, because it was a real pain already 
to get the "crash" scene screwed into the current 
display kernel and I don't think I can handle a third 
branch easily enough to be worth the effort.

> I see you've added the z-axis in too. This is cool.

I've yet to improve the ships behaviour. They're 
bouncing rather silly along the z-axis :-)

> What are the chances of having the explosions move on 
> the z-axis too? 

Done :-)

> I hadn't played the original arcade game but running 
> into an explosion could cause ship damage and an added 
> obstacle to the player.

Ah! No! No deadly debris please. Evil enough that Thomas 
does that in Robot City! :-)


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