Re: [stella] RIOT RAM test

Subject: Re: [stella] RIOT RAM test
From: Nicolás Olhaberry <nolh@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 30 Nov 2002 11:12:00 -0300
Hi Manuel!
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From: "Manuel Polik" <cybergoth@xxxxxxxx>
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Sent: Saturday, November 30, 2002 10:39 AM
Subject: RE: [stella] RIOT RAM test

> If you'd ask me, I'd say that the only possibillity for
> the frying effect would be a misreading of the FFFC/D
> vector on start-up and/or missetting the PC on the
> booting-sequence of the VCS.

    If you start to execute code on a random location, I guess it's more
likely that the game doesn't work at all, than to produce a consitent
slightly different game. Maybe eventually a BRK will be executed, but that
will execute the RAM initialization code that every game has, so it should
run the "normal" game.

    I stick to the RAM theory ;-D



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