Re: [stella] RESP & HMP quirks

Subject: Re: [stella] RESP & HMP quirks
From: "Eckhard Stolberg" <Eckhard_Stolberg@xxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 30 Nov 2002 21:17:33 +0100
> I realize this has probably been discussed in the past, but I haven't
> managed to read through the entire archive yet.  Can anyone shed some
> on what the TIA is doing?

Hitting RESPx during the horizontal blank will always be treated
as if the hit happened at the start of the screen, which is at
cycle 22. So if the counter values in your routine are so small
or so big that the 'STA RESPx' happen between cycle 0 and 22,
then the players will be positioned on the left side of the screen,
and only the HMPx shifting value will change the position a little
for each value.

Ciao, Eckhard Stolberg

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