Re: [stella] gui development collaboration

Subject: Re: [stella] gui development collaboration
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 5 Dec 2002 14:25:30 -0000
> Actually, I plan to deliver CAG via Java Web Start(JWS). JWS does all of 

Ah, sounds good. I'm a little behind on my desktop java, I usually
do stuff serverside.

> I don't have a problem running outside *.exe files though I wouldn't 
> mind seeing your perl code either. Anyway, lets just see where it goes. 
> If people are interested I'll post my java code on my website when I get 
> home today.
has the full perl source. It's pretty small, actually. Unfortunately,
the guts of it aren't terrifically well commented.

(some quick comments, for Aaron and for people interested 
in some rough knowledge of the list file:

($linenum,$memloc,$hexcommand,$label,$nuthin,$command,$target,@rest) = split(/\t/,$nextline);

tokenizes the line on tab (though tokenizing while preserving
'empty entries', not that collapsing white space method java tends to use)

sees if the hexcommand is one of the conditional branches that 
we previously defined in a hash called %branches 

and the code that follows does some math 
if($offsetdec >= 128) {	$offsetdec -= 256;}
is a bit of a hack that deals with the 2s complement notation,
the hex() routine doesn't have a concept of a sign bit, but 
this works well enough for an 8 bit number

> So I talk alot... I hope to show everyone that I'll back up my ideas. I 

Yeah, this is a very supportive group, but often, the 
non-VCS-code project that's firing your imagination doesn't 
really seem to spark others...especially when it's still
in the vaporware stage, I think they've seen too many 
people without their money where there mouth was. I'm glad 
to have brought "2600 101" to a certain level of completion,
and now I'm trying to kick my own butt into getting back
to work on JoustPong...that page boundary thing really
threw me off kilter, even though I should be able to 
relatively easily come up with ways around it.

> Anyway, I am glad to say that I feel like I have been given a very warm 
> reception on this mailing list. That is nice.

Yeah, this is a terrific, welcoming group...and super helpful,
especially if you come up with a specific ASM problem that they
can sink their teeth into.

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