Re: [stella] The sad story about my Atari 2600 TV format conversions

Subject: Re: [stella] The sad story about my Atari 2600 TV format conversions
From: Glenn Saunders <cybpunks2@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 2002 08:17:56 -0800
At 08:40 AM 12/10/2002 -0800, you wrote:
Ken Love from Activision said his lawyers are going to contact Randy... so I
think Randy's run with some copyrighted information is coming to a halt...

..with Activision games at least....

So the unofficial stance of Activision is that rampant ROM image trading online is okay but selling physical cartridges is wrong? If the money is the issue I know Randy will claim he isn't really netting anything off of this. Not that Activision couldn't still shut him down, but still, to me, that's been the dividing line for me in how I look at Randy's services. If he were charging more for making repro carts I'd have far less respect for him.

Nevertheless, this is a very sad day because Randy has been a very strong part of the homebrew movement. Now, some homebrewers have managed to manufacture their own carts, but overall Randy has been THE source for distributing homebrews and it's a time-consuming affair for which I think he still deserves ample credit. He was doing it before anybody else was.

Now Atari Age is starting to do it so Randy isn't the only option, and I wonder what connection, if any, there is between AA providing competition and Randy acting up or whatever he is doing. There could be some rivalry there. It makes you wonder.

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