[stella] A-Team PAL conversion

Subject: [stella] A-Team PAL conversion
From: Manuel Polik <cybergoth@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 15 Dec 2002 21:07:12 +0100
Hi there!

Here's the result of some joint effort between Fabrizio 
Zavagli (Rasty) and me.

Over the last week, we worked together on disassembling 
and tweaking the game A-Team in order to produce a 
proper PAL conversion.

Along our way we added a few more neato things to the 
game. Changeable via compile switches is:

- PAL/PAL60/NTSC: Pick your poison!
- Intro Fix: Repairs the glitches in the intro
- Logo Fix: Beautifies the odd looking A-Team logo
- Bugfix: Provides a stable # of scannlines
- Color cycle: Switch off the color cycle in stage 1

We decided to release our changes free for everyone to 
use and enjoy, we'd only like to request that no money 
is made with them.

	Manuel & Fabrizio

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