[stella] tps.bin fix

Subject: [stella] tps.bin fix
From: Greg Troutman <mor@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 27 Dec 2002 14:07:24 -0800
Hello everyone, it's been a very long time!  I'm glad to see this list
is alive and well.  I hope you all are having a great holiday season!

Here's the long sad part of the story:
I recently gave up on ever retrieving the original source code to all
versions of  Dark Mage and This Planet Sucks from the hard drive they
had lived on which crapped out on me a few years back.  I finally just
tossed the drive and got on with my life.  So, I fired up distella and
started to recreate the source to tps, because: the original 'final'
version that Randy Crihfield had burned and sold had problems with too
many scanlines that caused some older televisions to roll the screen... 
Then I did a quick and dirty binary patch for him which took out a whole
row of enemies to drastically reduce the scanlines and quick fix the

Here's the happy part of the story:
I've gotten enough of the disassembly labelled and commented to easily
work on it and have fixed this scanline problem (I think)... It still
draws more than 192 visible lines, so it might cut off some of the
bottom on older televisions, but the overscan is repaired so as to never
draw more than the official 262 lines total, so the rolling problem
should be gone, while the original number of rows of enemies is back in

So here is the allegedly 'perfect' version of the game.  Feel free to
redistribute it at will, and of course any testing and comments are
always welcome.  I'm thinking of doing a sequel or maybe some other
game.  I'm pretty fond of twitchy platformers like Donkey Kong and
Montezuma's Revenge, so maybe the sequel will get down onto those
platforms and control the little goofs...???

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