Re: [stella] superchip ram

Subject: Re: [stella] superchip ram
From: "Kroko" <Nil.Krokodil@xxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 25 Dec 2002 23:06:56 +0100
If you ask me, you don't read a value if you access
the "write-area" of the SRAM. The adressline that
is responsible for the R/W selection is still making this
selection, no matter what kind of operation leads to
that adress on the bus.

So reading from the "write" area is like writing to
the RAM chip, without connecting DATA lines to it.
Nobody feels responsible for setting the databus, so
it should behave as if it was not connected to anything.

At least that is what i would expect :-)


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Subject: [stella] superchip ram

> On a SuperChip RAM cart, what value is read when you read from the
> RAM write area?  Do the pins truly float, or are there internal
> pullups or pulldowns?
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