[stella] ASCII or PDF Manual or Syntax for DASM available?

Subject: [stella] ASCII or PDF Manual or Syntax for DASM available?
From: R Mundschau <rmundsc@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 02 Jan 2003 21:41:55 -0600

I am using a Macintosh computer to do my development.  The Mactari Tools
site  was great for getting my system set up and working, but it was a bit
lacking in documentation on DASM.  I tried downloading a couple IBM
compatible versions of DAS, which had manuals in them, but they were in a
format I could not open on my computer.

Does anyone have a simple ASCII or PDF version of the Manual for DASM.  In
particular I am looking for the Syntax expects within a .ASM file, and what
are the assembler directives it supports.  I have been able to gleen quite a
bit from looking at other people's code, but i would really like to read the

Rob M.

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