Re: [stella] Mortal Kurling!

Subject: Re: [stella] Mortal Kurling!
From: "Albert Yarusso - AtariAge" <albert@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 2 Jan 2003 21:51:00 -0600
Hi Chris!

> It's a joke, son, I say it's a joke*. That boy's about as sharp as a sack
full of wet mice....
> (It's a running gag from the Rubix thread where I said I was going back to
working on my Curling sim... )

You know, I saw you mention that at least once before and thought you were
probably somewhat serious at the time.  But since I have so little knowledge
of Curling rattling around in my head, I thought you were somewhat serious.

> It is (or will be) a horizontal scrolling shooter along the lines of
R-Type, Gradius, Salamander/Lifeforce, Silkworm, etc...

Excellent!!  While as before I wasn't terribly enthused about the prospect
of a Curling game, suddenly now I'm much more interested.  :D

> *Though a 2600 curling game that yells a digitised "SWEEP! SWEEP!" is such
a crazy idea, I might just have to do it...

Oh no...


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