[stella] Fu Kung! v0.01

Subject: [stella] Fu Kung! v0.01
From: "Andrew Davie" <adavie@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 8 Jan 2003 02:59:47 +1100
OK, some progress!

This demo shows the large sprite system in operation with the 'compression'
now functional.  The large sprite is actually composed of a matrix of
smaller sprites.  I've included a frame which makes this re-use painfully
obvious.  In this case I've used just 6 smaller-sprites to build up the 48 x
64 pixel large sprite.  The compression comes from the ability to re-use the
small sprites in making the large sprite, and also in not needing to define
the blank areas (many frames in my fighting game will have lots of blank

The large frame being displayed uses rougly 128 bytes of data.

Now that I have the structures and display system functioning properly, I'll
move onto the tools which will automatically create the data for this
compressed-sprite format.  My estimates are that I should be able to scrunch
almost 200 frames of animation in, using this system.  I'm very pleased with
it... and although it's still "nice boxes" (thanks, Fabrizio ;) it is most
definitely a fully functioning sprite/compression system - and IMHO a
significant step up from what's come before.


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