Re: [stella] Fu Kung! v0.05 (CUTTLE)

Subject: Re: [stella] Fu Kung! v0.05 (CUTTLE)
From: "Andrew Davie" <adavie@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 15 Jan 2003 07:58:26 +1100
Thanks ever so much for that.  Attached is the latest version with this
SNAFU fixed.
So, it  works on actual hardware!  Wahoo!

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From: "Eckhard Stolberg" <Eckhard_Stolberg@xxxxxx>
To: <stella@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Wednesday, January 15, 2003 12:51 AM
Subject: Re: [stella] Fu Kung! v0.05 (CUTTLE)

> Hello Andrew,
> > Replacement attached.  Trust me to count from 0.
> > Name changed as per request :)   So, how does this one go?
> I suppose counting is a bit of a weak spot for one of us here. ;-)
> The new version starts with "lda #$1e/sta $3f". This would switch
> the CC to the 31st (30th when counting from 0 ;-) ) 2K bank. But
> in your 32K binary there are only 16 2K banks. Since the CC can
> address 64K in this mode, your game is jumping into an empty bank
> and therefore crashes. After patching the #$1e to #$0e in the binary
> the game came up fine on my Cuttle Cart. On PAL the colours you have
> chosen are coming out as grey though. But that is normal.
> Ciao, Eckhard Stolberg
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