[stella] FuKung! v0.06

Subject: [stella] FuKung! v0.06
From: "Andrew Davie" <adavie@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2003 23:45:30 +1100
Mmh.  Well somewhere I have a bug I can't find, so the animation on this one
is running super-quick.  Sorry, but I wanted to show it anyway, because I've
gone to the trouble of installing frames.  41 of them, actually... a first
impression of what an animating pair of fighters might look like.  It also
gives me some idea of how much space things are going to take at the current
size.  Here's the output from the Banker utility....

7 banks used.

Bank  Frames  Sprites    Bytes     Free     %
    0        6      109     1930      118     94.24
    1        5      100     1755      293     85.69
    2        6      111     1962       86     95.80
    3        6      108     1914      134     93.46
    4        6      109     1930      118     94.24
    5        6      107     1898      150     92.68
    6        6      110     1946      102     95.02

So that's 7 banks (ie: 14K of 32K cart space) used so far, to store 41
Looks like I'd be able to get about 80 sprites or so, without hand
optimisation.... should be sufficient.

Attached to the ZIP this time are the actual frames so that you can have a
closer look - and the original image from which they were all subdivided -
by another utility, of course!  I agree with Manuel about the size... much
as I hate to actually agree with a fellow XYPE guy - as he will attest :)

Thanks to those who tested on the Cuttle cart.  I am quite disappointed - I
believe I copied over the correct bank data, so currently I have *no* clue
as to why its not running on hardware.  I'll probably have to leave that
issue on the backburner for a while.... I do hope the emualtor I'm using is
accurate enough :)   Has anyone tried this on Stella?   Does it work?

OK, that's about it for now.  Let me know what you think.


PS: z26 -g11 ... you know the drill

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