Re: [stella] Oh No!!

Subject: Re: [stella] Oh No!!
From: Rob <kudla@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 18 Jan 2003 13:40:14 -0500
On Saturday 18 January 2003 13:20, Paul Slocum wrote:
> I've just been skimming the discussion as there are a lot of posts so this
> may have already been discussed:  but have you tried using flicker to do
> three (instead of two) shades of grey?  Seems like you could display a
> really nice looking bitmap that way.

Actually, if you're flickering 2 different shades of grey you end up with 4 
grey levels if you count the background.

Frame 1, using white:


Frame 2, using 50% gray:


Given a black background, the eye sees the first pixel as 75% grey (almost 
white), the second as 50% grey, the third as 25% grey amd the fourth as 
black.  Yeah, it'll be flickery but probably less so than the two-baby one.

I was thinking of trying low-res FMV using the playfield a while ago using 
this method, but it'd use too much ROM space to do anything cool.


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