Re: [stella] Oh No!!

Subject: Re: [stella] Oh No!!
From: "Andrew Davie" <adavie@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 18 Jan 2003 21:02:25 +1100
I have to do an extra-step to Cuttleize the binary.  I missed it on the last
Attached is a fix.  Sorry about that.  If only I had a Cuttle Cart, I
wouldn't forget...

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From: "Paul Slocum" <paul-stella@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Sent: Saturday, January 18, 2003 8:55 PM
Subject: Re: [stella] Oh No!!

> >Just a minor update... two dancing babys at the same time.
> I couldn't get this version to work on the Cuttle Cart.  The last demo
> worked fine on 3F but I just get lines on this one.
> -Paul
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