[stella] FuKung! v0.07

Subject: [stella] FuKung! v0.07
From: "Andrew Davie" <atari2600@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 25 Jan 2003 01:08:38 +1100
Just a quick update on Fu Kung.

Attached is a binary which doesn't do the correct # scanlines - I'm way too
tired to fix it.  But it does have a couple of interesting additions.
Firstly, I've reworked the big sprite system so it can also do scores - and
as you see here, 12-character wide scrolling text messages.  I've just got
it displaying some of the alphabet at the moment.  I know it flickers like
crazy on the emulators, but this is a real-thing game, and I understand it
is noticeable but OK on the real-thing.

The babys now have centerpoint data attached, so frame display is correctly
positioned.  And the babys are executing simple animation loops from lists
of frame,duration animation.  Won't be long now before its hooked up to
joystick movement and I can start to develop some interactivity and moves.


PS: Z26 -g11, Stella .PRO attached.

PPS: Some scumbag virus author used my email address (adavie@xxxxxxxxxxxxx)
as the sender and reply-to address on a virus, which from all evidence is
propogating quite nicely.  Needless to say, my inbox is full of junk and
complaints, and is totally unusable - hence, I have switched emails - please
use 'atari2600' or 'andrew' instead of adavie.

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