[stella] Analog electronics help.

Subject: [stella] Analog electronics help.
From: mickey_m@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Mon, 27 Jan 2003 13:00:53 +0000
Anyone willing to help with an analog question?  I am ok with digital, just 
not analog.

I have a cart I made that allows me to download games to it so I can play on 
the 2600.  I am trying to add a cart reading function to it (you plug a cart 
into my cart and you can dump it to pc).  Which means I need to apply power to 
the line that normally is the VCS power (I do not use VCS for power).  My 
logic is all handled in a CPLD XC95144 and I would like the power to be 
applied when it says.  Pins on it can only supply 24mA.  I tried using a relay 
with a switching transistor (something like this: 
http://www.rentron.com/images/rely-drv.gif), but I cant get it to work right, 
the relay oscillates on and off.  I tried manipulating the bias resistor and 
tweaking it other ways, but no go.  So I am guessing that I need to to it 
another way.

Can I use a MOSFET?  If I do, is there going to be an issue when my cart is in 
the VCS, there will be 5V applied to both sides of the MOSFET from separate 
power sources.  Is this a problem?


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