Re: [stella] Questions re: labels and EPROMs

Subject: Re: [stella] Questions re: labels and EPROMs
From: "Albert Yarusso" <albert@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 2003 20:25:03 -0600

> 1) Does anyone have templates or specifications for the various labels?
>   My proto cart will most likely be a Pac-Man cart, so is there a
> template graphic someone has for making those types of labels?

We don't have a template, per se, but the label sizes for a 2600 cart are

Main Label:

Width:  2 3/4"
Height: 3 3/8"

End Label:

Width:  2 3/4"
Height: 9/16"

If you're looking for a run of labels, we can print high-quality color
labels on glossy, die-cut sheets (with rounded corners). You can find more
information, along with pictures, here:

> 2) Where did Hozer Video go?  Didn't they use to provide a service
> wherein they would burn .BIN files onto an EPROM for you and send back
> the EPROM or even a finished cart?  Does anyone still do that?  I have a
> Supercharger for initial testing on hardware, but definitely want a real
> cart eventually.

You've already been pointed to the long thread on AtariAge regarding this
subject , but I think MegaManFan (one of the users in our forum) summed it
up nicely as follows:

* Randy was selling hacks Thomas made w/o his permission
* Thomas asked Randy politely to please stop selling them
* Randy told Thomas to bugger off, he'd do as he damn well pleased
* Thomas reluctantly exposed this unethical practice to AtariAge
* A bunch of people came out with their own stories about Randy's ethics
* Instead of standing up to the accusations Randy folded to play martyr
* Snider-Man officially declared the subject dead

As far as making one-off carts, we will gladly provide that service as long
as the binary isn't one that someone is actively protecting or we've been
given explicit permission to produce the game(s) in cart form.  If you
simply want a copy of your game in cartridge form, that's not a problem at
all.  :)

Take care,

Albert Yarusso,
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