Re: [stella] Samantha Fox

Subject: Re: [stella] Samantha Fox
From: Paul Slocum <paul-stella@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 08 Feb 2003 11:17:47 -0600

Here's a first-attempt at a '5-colour' bitmap.  Samantha Fox, as requested.
OK, it's crap on the emulators.  I suspect it will be somewhat better on a
real TV.
Lookin for comments from a cuttle-cart owner.  Does this work well enough to
consider using?

It's pretty weird seeing graphics like that on the VCS! It's better on a VCS but I think the flicker is a bit much. I dunno -- it still looks awesome but the flashing is just crazy. And I think the brightest white is a bit too bright. I assume that's at 20Hz.

I wonder if it would work to try to do 4 shades using 30Hz?

 Brightness     Black    DarkGrey   LightGrey   Whitest
Frame 1 White     0          0          1          1
Frame 2 Grey      0          1          0          1

Are you using the playfield on that demo? Seems like you might actually be able to get 5 virtual shades at 30Hz if you integrated the playfield by hand. Like put a dark gray playfield behind the parts that don't have any black?

About the reverse baby:

IMO the flicker is a LOT better on the VCS with this coloring, but the baby graphics don't look very good since the shading makes more sense the other way.


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