Re: [stella] z26 for Windows

Subject: Re: [stella] z26 for Windows
From: "Albert Yarusso" <albert@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 8 Feb 2003 15:52:15 -0600

Great to see progress being made towards a Windows version of z26.  However,
I really think it needs a front-end of some kind, especially after I tried
running some > 4K titles without passing in any command-line parameters.
The first one I tried (Mr. Roboto, an F8 8K game--I wanted to hear how the
music sounded) caused a ton of DirectX errors to come up (in an infinite
loop, I had to nuke it). Does z26 have an internal table with md5 checksums
for binaries to determine how to run a particular game?

It doesn't need a complex UI, just something that lets you select a game to
run, remember where your ROMs directory is, and select all the various
command-line options (such as being able to select which bankswitching
method to use if you are trying to run a game z26 isn't yet aware of).

I am willing to write a user-interface if you guys don't have the time or
desire to do so.  Please feel free to contact me.  :)

Take care,


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Subject: [stella] z26 for Windows

> You can find a *sneak preview* here:
> BTW, RTFM.  Things are a little bit different.
> To do the port to Windows, a number of features have been removed,
> the GUI.  Although personally I rather enjoy doing a program for Windows
> that acts more like a DOS program than a Windows program, I suppose
> eventually we'll put one back in.  But we're curious about which features
> that are currently missing are most important to you guys.
> One feature that is not missing is the ability to synchronize a game with
> the monitor.  It's no longer the default, partly because it's a nuisance
> run DXDIAG.EXE, and partly because I suppose that as digital flat panels
> better and better, the concept of refresh will eventually become obsolete.
> I'm guessing that eventually screen updates will be so fast that the
> flashing effects that Andrew is so fond of will be emulated perfectly
> without needing any special attention.
> But meanwhile, now that it's possible to get better emulation of these
> flashing effects on Windows XP with old-fashioned monitors, I'm wondering
> we still need to do some tricky video mode that simulates phosphorescence?
> John
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