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Subject: Re: [stella] DiscoTech
From: "Albert Yarusso - AtariAge" <albert@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2003 01:46:22 -0600
Wow, this is pretty damn cool!  I figured *SOMEONE* would eventully try
this, and I'm glad to see that several people have decided to work together
on it!  And yes, Eduardo's dance pad looks pretty cool--I haven't had much
time to read AA tonight or look at his site for more than a moment, but when
I get home later this evening (uhrr, morning) I'll spend more time checking
it out, as well as the binary you posted.

Is this something you want to keep silent from the general public or can I
make mention of it on AA?


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Subject: [stella] DiscoTech

> Eduardo's post over on AtariAge sorta forces my hand here (for those who
missed it, he's built a homemade dance pad controller for the 2600
> Soooo......
> This is a collabrative effort between Andrew Davie, Paul Slocum and
> Working title is currently: DiscoTech
> The original idea is to incorperate the Dancing Baby demo and Paul's music
into a
> dancing game. Controller's would be joystick, keypad or (hopefully) NES
Power Pad
> (with interface, obviously). Though Eduardo's design may be a better
option to a
> Power Pad interface (which looks like it may need an external power
supply). There
> would also be a variety of levels with the Dancing Baby as the penultimate
level (or
> something).
> The attached binary:
> - Uses only joystick control.
> - Isn't synched to the music.
> - The main display (ie: dancing baby) is not integrated yet.
> - It also may or may not work on real hardware.
> Chris...

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