Re: [stella] Latest 2600 music

Subject: Re: [stella] Latest 2600 music
From: Jeremy Penner <jeremypenner@xxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 18 Feb 2003 09:56:11 -0600
Hello, all!
I've been lurking on the Stella list for a few months now, so I 
figured I might as well introduce myself.  My name is Jeremy Penner; 
some of you who showed up in #stella on EFnet when it was new and 
fresh may recognize me as ApM.  (People should hang out there more 
often!)  The homebrew project that I'm using to get my feet wet is a 
rewrite of robotfindskitten ( to the 2600.  
(I have a developer diary of sorts at .)


> We really are going to need more composers for the Dance Dance Revolution 
> thing and other homebrews.  If there are any musicians on here that want to 
> get into 2600 composing, let me know and I'll set you up with the source 
> and instructions.  I'm finalizing my 2600 music programmer's guide and will 
> be posting that on my site soon.
Now that you mention it.. =]
Yes, I'm a musician and 2600 music is something I'd love to get my 
hands dirty with.  Coming from a background of MOD trackers, dealing 
directly with source (if that's still what's required, or is there a 
tool to write songs with your engine?) should be something I can 
hopefully adapt to =]

Jeremy Penner - Coder, Artist, Jibba-Jabberin' Fool
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