Re: [stella] Shadow Keep (new game)

Subject: Re: [stella] Shadow Keep (new game)
From: Erik Eid <eeid@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2003 20:36:41 -0500

Welcome to Stella!  You've certainly brought us a welcome surprise with Shadow 
Keep.  You're off to an impressive start!

I tried it out in Stella 1.3 for Linux.

On Monday 03 March 2003 13:37, Andrew Towers wrote:
>  > Just one note: you should give a realistic "gravity" effect to the
>  > player when he jumps
> I remember this style of floating down from a couple of the 8-bit
> games of this type I played years ago, so I just went with that.

It reminded me of Zookeeper.  You can jump horizontally across most of the 
board but not very high, and the rise and fall are both pretty slow.

It didn't seem quite natural, so I agree with the others in that more 
realistic gravity might be useful.  Also, I found that you don't quite reach 
two blocks above the start of your jump.  There's one board in which the 
exits on each side are two blocks above the floor, but you can't get to them.

>  > I notice that when the player touches a ladder he starts to decend
>  > a little.
> Yes, my collision detection is a mixed bag. The ropes and ladders
> use the TIA collision registers so the player falls down until
> he touches the top rung of the ladder, which makes climbing off
> them a pain.

I'm not sure it is possible to climb off of them in this case; I had to jump.

I do like the tiled orange-and-green walls.  :)  They are very nice for a 2600 

I noticed that the player moves at the same speed as the snakes, which may 
make it a little difficult to avoid them.

I wandered to a point in which there was nothing for darkness for a few 
screens.  Once I got out, if I fell onto a ceiling, I couldn't walk, but I 
could still jump.  At other points, I got stuck in a wall.  As you said, the 
levels aren't complete, so I guess these are just waiting to get filled in.

I wish I'd known that jumping across the swords was harmful!  :)

Anyhow, I definitely like what I see so far.  Keep up the good work!

- Erik

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