Re: [stella] Shadow Keep (new game)

Subject: Re: [stella] Shadow Keep (new game)
From: "croni" <croni@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2003 20:36:40 -0500
Very cool so far, Andrew.  It looks great!!
I like the gravity affect.  Very nice.


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Subject: Re: [stella] Shadow Keep (new game)

>  > Can you already give some explanations about the various items you have
>  > to pick up? Or do they not work yet? And what is the goal of the game?
> There is only the key to pick up, and a couple of test items already
> in the player inventory. None of these can be used yet.
> At present the exact outcome of the game isn't defined, but I'm
> planning "keys and doors" style gameplay, whereby the player must
> first explore the game, discover where various items have been
> placed, and find the correct use for them in order to progress.
> The player can carry only two items at any one time, and can only
> drop items on item pads placed in various rooms.
>  > BTW: The title screen displays only 260 lines.
> Fixed - thanks, I should've spotted that straight away. There are
> no other changes to the bin - I'm too tired to work on it now.
> I hope this isn't too much spam to post a new one.
>  > Just one note: you should give a realistic "gravity" effect to the
>  > player when he jumps
> I remember this style of floating down from a couple of the 8-bit
> games of this type I played years ago, so I just went with that.
> Would people prefer more realistic gravity? I need to round out
> the top of the jump anyway, the change from jumping to falling
> is far too immediate at the moment.
>  > I notice that when the player touches a ladder he starts to decend
>  > a little.
> Yes, my collision detection is a mixed bag. The ropes and ladders
> use the TIA collision registers so the player falls down until
> he touches the top rung of the ladder, which makes climbing off
> them a pain. I'm not sure what I can do about this - perhaps use
> a different collision method, or introduce a fudge at the top of
> ladders somehow.. I'll look into it.
> - M.

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