[stella] The Demo Image Series #15 - 3 MARIOS (4K)

Subject: [stella] The Demo Image Series #15 - 3 MARIOS (4K)
From: "Andrew Davie" <atari2600@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 6 Mar 2003 21:41:14 +1100
I'll stop one of these days, I promise.  But I'm having too much fun right
now.  Attached NTSC and PAL binaries shows 3 Marios in action.  The flicker
is surprisingly not-too-bad.  Well, if you stand back from the TV a bit,
anyway.  Another interesting finding is that if you *DON'T* do the
interleaved colour frames, but instead just show a single frame and have the
colours RGB on successive scanlines (that is, each scanline is always red,
or green, or blue), the frame itself still looks OK.  See nointerleave bin
files for a demo of this.  The advantage of this, of course, is that you
only need 1/3 of the graphics data to have similar visuals.

PS: Congrats to Mario on his great TIA documentation and his demo.  I knew
he had this stuff for at lease a few months - we had a walk thru town one
day and he started rattling off stuff about 1/4 cycles and such, and TOTALLY
left me in his wake.  I was itching for him to post to the list with his

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