[stella] Space Treat Deluxe

Subject: [stella] Space Treat Deluxe
From: "Fabrizio Zavagli" <rasty@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 8 Mar 2003 12:42:44 +0100
Hello everyone!

After quite a while of activity reduced to a minimal, I'm almost done with a
new version of Space Treat, as you may have read from AtariAge's
PhillyClassic 4 special. I've been silent since the most progress has been
achieved only during the last few days. No big changes happened for some
time :)

I'm quite happy with this new version since I've been able to put in
basically all the stuff I wanted and that has been suggested by all of you
(and that the game's architecture allowed still allowed!).

So the main differences from the last public release of the rom are:

- Scoring (already had it on the last binary I've posted here)
- Hi Score (on title screen)
- Screen rolling fixes
- Wide compatibility (7800 and emulators)
- Game Over screen

plus the usual round of more or less big changes to the source (thanks again
for the huge suggestions on optimizing for space and performance, they're
invaluable to say the least) and the other smaller tuneups (like starting
the game with fire _and_ reset, etc.).
I'm quite proud of the optimizations to the sound routines, which saved me
tons of rom and ram!

The version I'm attaching is still not the final one, as I have some more
testing to do and still want to change a thing or two.

Of course I may go on and add features for a future release, mostly saving
space by rearranging the code. I'm out of space again, and it will probably
take some time until I find some way of getting more free rom.
So this version should make it to the PhillyClassic 4 with a "deluxe" title
and label/manual :)

I still have a few days available to produce the final binary, and even if
time-muncher business trips await me in the next weeks, I'll keep testing
the game on as many platforms as possible! (got no problems for now)
And this time I'll come out with a PAL version also :) (after the show)

So that's it for now.. time to go testing!


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