Re: [stella] Emulator or Console?

Subject: Re: [stella] Emulator or Console?
From: "Albert Yarusso" <albert@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 15 Mar 2003 00:06:16 -0600

I don't know what your attitude is coming from here.  I asked you last fall
if you would give me a discount for volume purchases and your answer was,

"I don't offer discounts on large orders at this point.  Sorry,
but my pricing is set up to allow me to sell one or two boards
cheaply.  If I started offering quantity discounts, the price
for one-offs would rise considerably."

We never had any conversations about you being our "sole supplier" for these
boards, it just so happened that at the time you were the only person making
them.  And we didn't even buy that many boards from you, in fact, we only
once ordered them for our own use!  We had some carts made for CGE last
summer (Mr. Roboto) which were built by a third party using your boards.
Only last October did we actually order boards for our own internal
production.  We haven't been making carts that long, and there wasn't a
lengthy, historical relationship between us as far as these boards were

I'm sorry if you feel that I should have told you about our plans to design
a bankswitch board.  With a larger number of homebrew games requiring more
than 4K, your stating that you wouldn't give volume discounts, Joe's
previous experience designing boards, and our selling of these boards
through our store, I don't think it was unreasonable at all for us to design
a new board.  It really was just a natural progression. Also, we are not the
only ones to have designed a new bankswitch board.

And nobody could have foreseen Randy's departure, and I assume he was the
largest user of your boards.  I am sorry you are upset.  We weren't cackling
in the back room about how how we'd slay the Chris Wilkson bankswitch PCB.


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Subject: Re: [stella] Emulator or Console?

> Al,
> Thanks for giving me the chance to do a redesign.  And thanks for telling
> me you were going to another source.  Had you talked to me about it, and
> told me that you had a higher volume, I could have brought the cost down
> with a redesign.  But now I'm stuck with a large inventory that I probably
> won't be able to sell.  I guess it's kinda obvious from the tone, but this
> really upsets me.  It's not a good way to treat friends, and also not a
> friendly way to do business.  A little communication can go a long way.
> But I guess that was overlooked.  I'm sorry to see that's the way AtariAge
> chooses to do things.
> -Chris
> On Fri, 14 Mar 2003, Albert Yarusso wrote:
> > Hi Chris,
> >
> > > On Fri, 14 Mar 2003, Albert Yarusso wrote:
> > >
> > > > We now have 2600 Bankswitch PCBs from Pixels Past that will work
> > 8K,
> > > > 16K and 32K EPROMs.  With all the PhillyClassic 4 preparations I'm
> > involved
> > >
> > > Are these the boards you bought from me, or does Joe Grand have a
> > > available now?
> >
> > Yes, I asked Joe to design a new board for us so we could have boards to
> > internally at a lower price point given the quantities we go through.
> > addition, we figured we could add this board to our store along with the
> > 2600 4K and 5200 32K Pixels Past boards we're already selling. We'll
> > have Atari 8-bit boards for sale soon, as well as the parts necessary to
> > populate all these boards.
> >
> >  ..Al
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