[stella] Re: DASM 'upgrade' in progress (Textpad Settings)

Subject: [stella] Re: DASM 'upgrade' in progress (Textpad Settings)
From: Andrew Towers <mariofrog@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2003 02:14:03 +1100
At 01:26 PM 19/03/2003 +0000, you wrote:
Also, is there any way you can provide the hooks so that Textpad can
understand it?  I don't know what the current cost of Visual Studio is
but I've already paid for textpad...

Setting for Textpad were discussed just over a month ago,


I have a similar setup whereby I can just press F9 to run dasm,
capture and view the output, and it runs z26 if the assembly was
successful (some types of errors don't return an errorlevel, so
this doesn't always work.) Textpad supports double-clicking on an
error to jump to the source line with the existing DASM through
regular expression matching.

To set this up, go to Configure -> Preferences in Textpad, scroll
down the bottom to Tools, and click Add -> Dos Command. Type in
any name you like (eg "DoDasm"), and click Apply.

Now the new tool "DoDasm" will appear in the tree view under the
Tools node. Click on this, and enter the following stuff:

dodasm.bat $FileName $BaseName

Initial Folder:

Capture Output: <checked> (other flags at your discretion)

Regular Expression (make sure there are NO spaces at the start/end):
^line +\([0-9]+\) +\([^ ]+\)

Registers: File = 2, Line = 1, Column = (empty)

Now click Apply again. Finally go to the Keyboard preferences node
in the tree view, and find Tools -> DoDasm, and assign a keyboard
shortcut like F9. You can also add a toolbar button through the
Customise.. option (right-click on the toolbar area) - the button
is under Tools, named "User Defined Tool 1".

Now create a batch file called "dodasm.bat" in the folder with
the source files you'll be editing, and paste this into it:

-------------------------------------------------- dodasm.bat
@echo off
if %1x==x goto errmsg
echo Assembling %1 ...
dasm %1 -f3 -v3 -l%2.lst -o%2.bin
if errorlevel 1 goto skipit
copy %2.bin ..\z26
start ..\z26\z26 -n %2.bin
goto skipit
echo Please switch to a source file before running Dasm.

Now customise the whole process to your liking ;)

- M.

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