Re: [stella] Help with my demo, PAL, NTSC :-)

Subject: Re: [stella] Help with my demo, PAL, NTSC :-)
From: henitrope@xxxxxxxx
Date: Mon, 24 Mar 2003 15:52:28 -0800
Thank you to those who've responded so far! :-)

I must be braindead right now, due to lack of sufficient sleep for
several days and the "Panic" factor is setting in, trying to get this
done in time before PC4!

I'm confused about counting scanlines. In z26, I spent a few minutes
checking the various screen res. modes and as some of you said, the count
is too many. I played with my "NTSC VBLANK" variable and "PAL VBLANK"
variable as well as overscan variables and decreased the HEX numbers
significantly which gives me fewer scanlines and the graphics fit better
on the screen, but...

This sounds illogical! My current values: NTSC VBLANK: $01( 1 count X
TIM64T ), IIRC, this gave my 202 lines. I haven't changed PAL VBLANK yet.
NTSC overscan: also $01!

VBLANK is supposed to be 43 or 44 x TIM64T, right? So my current values
should cause the screen in z26 to ROLL, right?

Does z26 show NTSC 192 lines or does it "display" all 262 lines?

I'm sorry if my questions don't make sense! I've got to leave for my job
now and won't be back for 7 hours, then I'll have more time to fix this.

Anybody who can help me understand this, please reply. I'm probably
overlooking something obvious! Thanks!

- Weston

On Mon, 24 Mar 2003 19:19:03 +0100 Manuel Polik <cybergoth@xxxxxxxx>
> Hi there!
> > I'm sure this can be fixed, but as to how, that must 
> > be left to more experienced members of the Stella 
> > list. 
> Nothing spectacular, like Dennis said it's doing some 50 
> lines too few ;-)
> > Anyway it's a fine start. I do like your character 
> > sprite, he's larger than most.
> Looks nice yes. And once more beats me. I was trying to 
> port the rotating globe from the C64 World Games to the 
> VCS, but that fullscreen map is certainly more 
> impressive!
> Greetings,
> 	Manuel
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