Re: [stella] New person question...

Subject: Re: [stella] New person question...
From: "Matthew Ozor" <matt@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2003 10:58:44 -0500
The 2600 has a chip called the TIA that handles all graphics and sounds. It
has it own registers that handle players, enimies, balls, missels, and
playfield. The A,X,Y registers are used for math, reading the TIA, ect.

Please check out the Atari 2600 SDK that I put together that will ansewer
all your questions. And contain everything you need to write/test your code.
In DOS only sorry.

Read the Stella Guide - Our Bible it will ansewer all your questions.

Good luck.

Matthew Ozor

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Subject: [stella] New person question...

> Ok... I have alot of information down... but this may seem dim.. but...
> Do you have dedicated services for your registers primarily?? i.e.. just
> primarily using the X reg for player graphics/movement.. Y register for
> playfield/???...A for game play main sequences???
> I have most of the understanding of all the little parts of the 6502
> coding..but I have not read/seen anything that helps me put it all
> in the big picture...
> I know this seems basic and almost a silly request due to the knowledge
> this group has... but can anyone help?
> Thanks.
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