Re: [stella] Turbo?

Subject: Re: [stella] Turbo?
From: "Thomas Jentzsch" <tjentzsch@xxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 2 Apr 2003 12:14:59 +0200
Christopher wrote:
> Manuel wrote:
> >The background color changes must happen _timed_ and on 
> >_every_ scanline, so a real repositioning scanline can't 
> >be executed. 
> >...
> Looking at the screen shot - The bottom two cars (red and green) are P0/P1, the other cars (blue and white) however could be M0/M1/Ball. So presumably cars in the distance are M0/M1/Ball and only when they become close enough to show detail they become P1/P0. 
> ...

I think I owe you some explaination. :-)

Since it was never planned to let the cars move horizontaly the code is very simple:
- all computer cars are P1, the players car is P0 (no missiles or balls)
- the positioning is simply done by using RESPx (no HMOVE inside the kernel at all)
- the colors are NTSC, but the ROM is recognized by z26 as PAL (282 scanlines), this
  was done intentional just to confuse you. :-)
- the car "accelerates" with joystick right (which also is the firebutton of paddle 0 ;-). 
  But there is no real paddle code inside the kernel.

Last not least, the gaps of the ROM are filled with the matching code of Smurfs - Rescue 
in Gargamel's Castle and the second 4K are identical with the 2nd bank of Smurfs.

All TV screenshots had to be made with a NTSC TV (thanks go to CPUWIZ), so I made 
a second ROM with "wrong" colors.


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