Re: [stella] Supercharger homebrews

Subject: Re: [stella] Supercharger homebrews
From: "Albert Yarusso" <albert@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2003 23:07:45 -0600
My thoughts on this:

> For whatever reason there is a strong aversion to releasing homebrews on
> CD, which is why we really haven't seen any commercial homebrew games for
> the Supercharger.  It's a shame since its RAM-rich environment is arguably
> the most powerful format for 2600 kernels.

I think there's something about having a physical cartridge you can plug
into your Atari 2600 which might explain this aversion a bit.  I personally
would rather have a cartridge with a nice label I can store with my other
2600 games.  From a collecting standpoint it's just "cleaner".  I also don't
have to fuss with a Supercharger or Cuttle Cart, I just plug-n-play when I
need my latest fix of Space Treat Deluxe.  :)  Another issue is that
probably only a small minority of 2600 owners actually have a Supercharger
or Cuttle Cart, which would greatly restrict the number of people who could
enjoy such a game..

I think RAM-based cartridges are a much better solution, although more
expensive from a production standpoint.

Albert Yarusso,
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