[stella] My little project...

Subject: [stella] My little project...
From: "smf_4ever ." <smf_4ever@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 03 Apr 2003 14:18:55 -0500
I know most have read it before.."this is my game idea.. I am new.. lets see how this goes.."... and the individual is never heard from again..

That shouldn't be me.. I already know I am in for the long haul just cause this 6502 language (with the harsh limitations of the VCS) are completely fascinating and cool (my wife thinks I have brain damage with this new hobby.. but long story short, I grew up as the first kid on the block back in 82 with an Atari 8-bit puter... first to learn BASIC back in the day.. and I am kinda sick of new "idiot proof" programs and languages (example... frontpage and dreamweaver with the tools have made an industry of "web masters" that would mess themselves if they every had to understand simple html code..).

ok.. Now.. what I am working on (in my head.. figuring out possibilities and calculations)... is a port of Star Castle..

This game would use the driving control (i hope).. and circle three small rings that rotate and enclose a base that fires at random.. just for a playful player Idea.. once I have the code/kernels all figures out.. I am planning on using(stealing) the player graphics from Yars Revenge. (Yar as the defender base in the circle of rings) and Qotile as the player/attacker.. ) this movement of player would be locked in one outer circular pattern around the base rings..

I know that this will NOT look anything like the vector of star castle, but I think i can make it work..

I will keep the group busy will silly questions for awhile and post any kind of progress for assistance.



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