[stella] 7800 RAM Cart

Subject: [stella] 7800 RAM Cart
From: O_Scholz@xxxxxxxxxxx (O. Scholz)
Date: Mon, 07 Apr 2003 19:11:57 +0200
Hi Chad, list,

we (Eckhard and I) are working on a very similar project.
It is a RAM/Flash Cart with a CPLD to support various
bankswitching schemes, allowing to play all current
ROMs, and offering more BS-modes and more RAM than
the original. It has a POKEY socket and a RS232
converter to allow easy interfacing, as well as a
Monitor ROM in Flash for downloading, debugging, etc.

Eckhard has a prototype for Monitor development, 
and I have one for CPLD developing. I had little time
to work on it the last couple of weeks, but I hope to get
the CPLD code completely tested one of these nights...
(I do have a day job, which sometimes slows down 
spare-time projects more than I like).

Just so that we don't duplicate efforts. But if you want
to develop a product of your own, that't fine too.

Best regards,

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