Re: [stella] Star Fire: Warping!!!

Subject: Re: [stella] Star Fire: Warping!!!
From: Manuel Polik <cybergoth@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 13 Apr 2003 20:38:23 +0200
Hi Thomas!

> Manuel wrote:
>> Right now I'm working on some more stuff you 
>> suggested. Try level 3 in the attached binary ;-)

> You mean those new shaped fighters that appear *after* 
> wave 3, right?

Yup. Since the orginal enemies in Star Fire are supposed 
to look like Tie Fighters, I now tried to make a second 
set with ships that are supposed to look like Tie 
Advance fighters. :)

> They are really looking cool. Maybe you could give 
> them some different attacking and evading patterns?

Hm... I'll try to to some thing here. Maybe some of my 
ideas for more interesting movement schemes work out.

> BTW: I found the warping gate in wave 4 before I had 
> eliminated all fighters. 

That is Ok...

> And it didn't appear at all in wave 5. :-(

...that not.

The warp gate is a "special" like the energy crystal, 
Star Destroyer, Death Star or the upcoming Slave I and 
"Andrews special request". ;-)

There is only one "special" allowed, so when the wave 
timer ran out you might need to shoot the "current 
special" first, to get the Warp Gate spawned...

Part of this binary is still WIP. I recently added a 
second wave counter, maybe this introduced a bug 
somewhere. I found it was a good idea to have both a bcd 
*and* a binary wave counter. A bit (byte :) ) redundant, 
but very elegant to use later ;-)


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