Re: RE: [stella] Climber5 source and binary

Subject: Re: RE: [stella] Climber5 source and binary
From: Dennis Debro <ddebro@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 18 Apr 2003 8:38:53 -0400
Hi Thomas,

I have taken yours and Andrews suggestions and I'm gradually moving them in. I'm also trying to do a little detective work based on the suggestions given.

> For the PAL/NTSC speeds I would suggest using fractional numbers for 
> playerMotion. This also allows much finer tuning of the speeds for 

I found time to play with these routines and I have a few questions. Some I'm sure will benefit others in their conversion process.

> Example:
>    lda playerMotion

Would playerMotion here be the "delay" frames I have set up for the players (i.e. 4, 3, 2, and 1)?

>    clc

you clear the carry bit instead of setting it so a bcc would move the player for the given frame.

Wouldn't this work for only 2 frames? I think I'm missing it here. I say that because I worked it out once before and it seemed to work :confused:

$04 - $3F = $C5 -> carry set, right?
$C5 - $3F = $86 -> carry cleared???
>    sbc "currentSpeed"
>    sta playerMotion
>    bcs CheckPlayerState  
>    jsr SetGirderSpeed  		; refresh the girder motion counter
> E.g. "CurrentSpeed"
> NTSC: $40-1, $55-1, $80-1, $100-1
> ; for PAL use 6/5 of the NTSC value
> PAL:  $4c-1, $66-1, $9a-1, ???

The below routine works perfectly! I like it better. Probably because I understand it better :) My only question for this is where do you come up with the number 30? I understand you get 36 from 30*6/5.

> Alternatively you could subtact a constant value (e.g. 30) from 
> playerMotion and add the level speeds (*30) in SetGirderSpeed
> This allows you to use better matching PAL values
> NTSC: 30*4-1, 30*3-1, 30*2-1, 30*1-1
> PAL:  36*4-1, 36*3-1, 36*2-1, 36*1-1

As a matter of fact, where did you get the numbers for the first routine? Is there a formula you're using that I'm missing?

Again, thanks for your time. It is *greatly* appreciated!

Take care,

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