[stella] Fwd: Star Fire Release Candidate #04

Subject: [stella] Fwd: Star Fire Release Candidate #04
From: Manuel Polik <cybergoth@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 09 Jun 2003 15:04:08 +0200
Hi there!

Changes this time:

- Added evasive actions for the Star Destroyer & Slave I 
  and made them faster as well.

- Added a laser heat system.
  Use left difficulty switch to adjust:
  - B: Laser cools down quick
  - A: Laser cools down slower

- Again fixed minor bugs no one ever noticed...

So, with this one I almost feel like I'm done.

I'm rejecting a few of the last suggestions for various 

The "Baiter" idea: Well, there seems to be no nice way 
to do it and I feel it doesn't make much sense either: 
The "sector" is cleared and you can just stay there as 
long as you want.

The "Concentric Diamond" idea: The shape is to small for 
that and I cannot make it bigger. Besides, I think  
there's enough difference between shots and diamnds. Not 
only do the shapes significantly differ, they have 
different colors as well.

The "Arcade Mode" idea: I found that my special ships 
and their individual behaviour is worked way too deep 
into the system by now. To switch them off would cost me 
way too many switches on way too many places, since 
there's too many spots where I'm just relying on a 
certain object behaviour combined with the current wave 

I really like this version. I think I'll concentrate on 
playtesting and bugfixing from now on.


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