Re: Re: [stella] Climber 5 random ladder prototype

Subject: Re: Re: [stella] Climber 5 random ladder prototype
From: Dennis Debro <ddebro@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2003 15:59:40 -0400
Hi Thomas,

> Very nice! Just make sure that the bottom ladders are reachable at all
> in the higher levels.

I assume what you mean is not have a bottom ladder too far to the left that the climber (I really need to give him a name) can't reach it. If that's the case it shouldn't be an issue in the final version. The random ladders will be implemented in an "enhanced" option where the girders move randomly. I've got that part working nicely. This was a test bed to make sure it would work before I moved it to the true game code :)

> Good luck, my code is not know to be very good commented. And probably
> my algorithm is quite different and not useful for your problem.

I see :) I looked at it briefly after I sent the message. It seems to be commented okay. I just need to understand ASM better ;) 

> And currently the results often seem to be much easier than before.
> Maybe you should manipulate the horizontal distance between the ladders
> (especially from right to left) and try to force climber to move right
> sometimes.

Thanks, I'll look into that.

> BTW: Are you generating the ladders on the fly or are you using a table
> as Manuel suggested? IMO the table approach is probably easier to
> manipulate and it looks like there aren't very many possible patterns.

I'm not using a table at all for this. I'm calling the random number generator for each walkway and storing the values in RAM. This takes too much time. This is why you see the screen roll when you press reset. I started using this technique before Manuel's mail came through so I just continued on. I figured once I have a workable prototype I can look into other options. After I rest my eyes a bit I'll read over Manuel's message again. If the lookup table doesn't take too many ROM bytes, I'll give it a try.

Again, thanks for the suggestions.

Take care,

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