Re: [stella] TigerVision bankswitching >32K ?

Subject: Re: [stella] TigerVision bankswitching >32K ?
From: "Andy Mucho" <andy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2003 22:10:22 +0100
Eckhard Stolberg wrote:
> What setup are you using to test your program?

z26 at the moment..

> The Cuttle Cart can only support games up to 64K and the bank at
> $1800-$1FFF is fixed at $F800-$FFFF.

Sadly I don't own one of those. Don't even own a real 2600 yet, though I do
hope to acquire a real beastie by the end of the week..

> In version 2.10 of z26 3F games should work as you assume. Also files
> larger than 64K should automatically be detected as 3F games. We only
> had one 512K file from Andrew to test this though.

ah! There lies my problem.. I've been using 2.04 :( When I started reading
up on 2600 emulators that was the latest (or not as the case maybe) that I
came across when I was trying and downloading every emulator insight, and
eventually settled onto using z26 since it seemed to be the easiest to work
with under Windows.. My mistake clearly not to check for a later version of
z26 first.. oops..

After downloading 2.10, it all seems to work, rather excellently at that  :)
And even with 512K!

Now, back to my evil master plan ;)

Thanks for your help Eckhard..

Hopefully given a bit more time hacking away I'll have something worthwhile
to contribute to this incredible 2600 corner of the world..



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