Re[2]: [stella] VDELP problem

Subject: Re[2]: [stella] VDELP problem
From: "Vlad Pylin" <pylin_vlad@xxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2003 16:54:49 +0400
> >  X-positions are set once at the frame start (I am out of free cycles for 
> > repositioning - how to do it?). 
> Depends on the structure of your kernel. Free repositioning of multiple 
> objects inside the kernel is quite tricky and usually requires some 
> compromises.
  Do you know how this is done in Dark Chambers? There can be three objects per frame: P0, P1 and a missle (player bullets). When they do repositioning?
> > Only for the scanline counter, but not for the sprite line counter (as in Kirk 
> Israel's tutorial). 
> You *can* use the scanline counter for the sprites too, though that makes 
> the code a bit more complicated. When you find my skipDraw descriptions you
> will probably also find how that works.

  I've given up this idea when I've made "long" rooms in my game (as in Dark Chambers). There is a problem that requires an additional check in the kernel (or maybe a specialized kernel for a part of screen - I didn't try it yet): when only a part of the object is displayed (at the top or at the bottom of screen) sprite line counters don't work correctly.
  Though I'll examine your skipdraw routine nevertheless.

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