[stella] Audio Game

Subject: [stella] Audio Game
From: Happy_Dude <happy_dude@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2003 04:02:15 -0700
I'v had what I think is a good game idea :)
just compiling my notes to get a solid base for this game. I have
a lot of ideas scribbled down so far and some of them, while cool,
conflict with others, which are aslo cool :D

It's a pattern game that uses audio.

The premis is that you've discovered an Alien virus that spreads
via sound waves. you've written a counter virus that you must insert
into a sound pattern as soon as you hear the virus. Your computer
filters the pattern (green screen) to prepare you then you open
a connection (red screen) and have to insert the counter virus
as close to the virus as possible before your infected.

Basically you have a score and an "on screen display" which
displays one colour to corespond with what's going on.
I aslo hope to have a bandwidth meter to show how precise (roughly ;) )
you have to be in order to "get" the Alien Virus.

You will hear 1 tone 3 times (this is the virus) with the 3rd time
being twice as long as the others  then you'll hear a "green screen"
pattern then when the "red screen" comes up your score starts to decrease
(You start with 100% score) and if you get the virus on the first pass
you get your points back (points could be system integrity???)

On latter levels theres a lower tolerence level (bandwidth) and you have
to get increasingly closer to the virus each time as the patterns get
faster and change tone and the volume waves in and out.

Tell me what you think :)

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