Re: Re: [stella] Bounce! demo

Subject: Re: Re: [stella] Bounce! demo
From: "Fabrizio Zavagli" <rasty@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2003 20:45:08 +0200
Hi Dennis!!

> Sorry for the late response :(

No problem! And tt's not that late :)

> Level 2 (the one with all the direction blocks) stomped me for a while. I
like it and thought was an interesting board. A starting time limit here
help force the player to scan the board quicker.

Right. I'll definitely put it in!

> The other boards didn't seem that difficult to master. Just follow where
you were allowed and you would eventually finish the board.

Interesting.. so someone is finding it easy, some hard... :)

> How about having the blocks change behavior? I thought this was a nice
touch in J.D. Casten's Rebound! For instance he had "blow holes" and "sink
holes". If you touched a switch then the blow holes would become sink holes
and the sink holes would become blow holes.

Humm switches.. why not?
The game is still pretty open to enhancements so I think most improvements
can be done. My biggest lack right now is with RAM (but that's no big news

Thanks for the help!


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