[stella] SID2TIA V1.0

Subject: [stella] SID2TIA V1.0
From: Manuel Polik <cybergoth@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 01 Sep 2003 00:42:38 +0200
Hi there!

This is the first public release of my generic SID to
TIA converter.

It's usage is simple - As it's current functionality ;-)

You can choose a SID file, specify a subtune and the
resolution from highest (1 TIA frame = 1 SID frame) to
lowest (1 TIA frame = 16 SID frames).

Clicking on compute will then generate a file called
"tsmsong.h" in the same directory as the SID file.

This file is automatically included by the TSM player
source tsm2.s.

So basically all you have to do is to generate a
tsmsong.h file with the converter, copy it into the same
directory as tsm2.s and compile that with DASM.

Note: Please ignore the message box at the start of the
converter. I only have a trial version of the visual
studio at home, which autogenerates this... AFAIU it
basically says that I may not sell SID2TIA, what I'm not

Note²: As is, the converter may convert only the
simplest of SID tunes - don't even bother trying any
Tell, Daglish, Huelsbeck or Galway stuff... Best try
U.S. tunes before '85.

Note³: The SID emulation backing the converter seems to
be buggy, so some tunes just *don't* work. I'll try to
improve this situaton soon (the tune I want to have
converted the most is certainly one of the ones not
running proberly... :rolleyes:)

As provided with the ZIP, the source will compile into
the Bruce Lee tune, which is surprisingly good again.
Could almost qualify as a remix of the original ;-)

On my ToDo list for the next version is on the #1 spot a
more flexible channel mixer. The current solution is a
brute force "2 out of 3" rotation.

Well, any feedback appreciated, just don't tell me "Tune
XXX sounds horrible on the VCS" - I know that already...


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