[stella] he got game

Subject: [stella] he got game
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 1 Sep 2003 02:44:48 -0000
Milestone tonight: it's a game. It's not finished, but it's 
definately a game, with title screen, game select, and- tada-
an end to the game when it hits 10 points.  (Now the graphic
shows "W", not random images from the ROM.)

As always, binary and source at http://alienbill.com/joustpong/

I know I've been asking a lot of quetions lately, hope I haven't
been too grating. But I have a few more, but not of the "look at 
my source and tell me how I'm being an idiot" type...

* Looking at the .bin in textpad, I see a LOT of "FF FF FF FF FF",
  like the last 2/3 of the file.  Does that mean I potentially have
  like a 2K ROM on my hands?
* Does anyone know a covenient way of telling how many cycles are
  "left" when using the typical LDA #43 STA TIM64T , after all the 
  processing is done?  I guess there's always trying to figure out 
  that PCAE debugger (though last time it didn't go so well...)
* I'm open to suggestions for some easy pizazz to put into this.  
  It is a bit minimalistic in presentation right now.  You can see
  a lot of the enhacements I'm thinking of in the latest entry on
* If a game is going on, and you hit game select, and it goes 
  back to the title screen, does that change the game level,
  or does the first press just show you the title screen?
* Anyone know a better Fuji symbol that fits in 8 pixels wide? ;-)

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  A program should follow the 'Law of Least Astonishment'. What is this law? 
  It is simply that the program should always respond to the user in the way 
  that astonishes him least.  --Tao of Programming, 

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